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Vital Energy

  • Center for Spiritual Living, Redding 1905 Hartnell Avenue Redding, CA, 96002 United States (map)

Spiritual Development Class
Presented by Cher Matthews and Rev. Sue MillerBorn
Thursdays in the Social Hall
$40.00 in Advance or $12.00 per Class Meeting

We are excited to present to you the wisdom of tapping into your vital energy.  We will explore the brilliance of Bright Line Eating:  The Science of Living Happy by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson and the valuable insights of Dr. David Simon in his work with vital energy.  We each understand our source of good.  We also recognize the times that we feel out of balance and snagged by old habits that pull us back again and again.  This series will share information about the brain’s influence in blocking our best intentions.  We will explore addictive patterns and cravings.  Also, we will tap into our nature and discover what is the best plan for us to always find harmony with what we take in and how we move in life.  This class will be an enthusiastic approach to healthy living.  We ask that you purchase your book online and if you use Amazon, please mention Center for Spiritual Living, Redding, as your preferred donation.  The book is Bright Line Eating:  The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.  Download the flyer.