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Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center, Citrus Heights, California
With Doug von Koss and Larry Robinson of Rumi’s Caravan
Friday through Sunday, November 1st through 3rd
$320 per man—$50 Deposit Due Beginning Sunday, March 3rd to Reserve Your Spot
Limited to 18 Men

This year the retreat will be at a Spanish style mission-like setting. Each man will have his own room and there will be six meals served.  The general theme is an inward journey, a time to listen to your soul.

The presenters are being provided room and board only. At the end of the retreat, there will be an opportunity to practice the spiritual idea of "Dana," which is when a teaching is given in the spirit of selfless service, and the recipient of the teaching then spiritually practices generosity by giving alms and respect to the teacher. This would be in accordance with what each man gained from the retreat and his ability to pay.  Please signup at with the Board Member on Sundays or in the office Monday through Thursday. Please call Roy Woolfstead at 246-1017 with any questions.