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  • Center for Spiritual Living, Redding 1905 Hartnell Avenue Redding, CA, 96002 United States (map)

With Chris Netto
Mondays, May 6th through June 17th
(no class on 5/27)
12:30 to 1:30 PM, in the Sanctuary
Wednesdays, May 8th through June 12th
10:30 to 11:30 AM, in the Sanctuary
Seated Options Available at Both Classes
$60 in Advance or $10 per Class Meeting
SAGE Participant Price: $48
Sections Renew Every 6 Weeks

New and continuing students are welcome. Anyone may join at any time. No experience is necessary. In these classes, you will learn a unique exercise routine geared to improving balance, posture, coordination and stamina, while revitalizing and strengthening the body’s systems that are important in balance and fall prevention. This easy-on-the-joints, low-to-moderate intensity program blends both traditional balance and specific Tai Chi exercises, applying the essential Tai Chi principles used in Tai Chi/Qigong practices, to strengthen muscles and promote flexibility and agility, while improving overall health and well-being. Whether you participate sitting or standing through all or some of the exercises in the program, enjoy the gift of movement on your balance and on your health in a fun, gentle and friendly environment, at your own pace, with Chris Netto, a certified fitness professional with 13 years of experience in teaching adult fitness and Tai Chi/Qigong to a variety of individual of varying skill levels. Please visit her website, email her at or call her at 1+469-964-9369 for more information. Download the flyer.

Mondays and Wednesdays
$10 per Class Meeting

Tai Chi class on Mondays at 11:15 AM:  Learn the full TCA program, parts 1 and 2, developed by Dr Paul Lam. It is a safe, effective and fun way to exercise your body, mind and spirit into balance. This class is for people of all ages, with or without arthritis or other health conditions.

Tai Chi class on Wednesdays at 9:15 AM: Discover essential principles of Tai Chi practice, Dr. Paul Lam’s warmup and Tai Chi for Diabetes program for health, plus 18 Posture Tai Chi/Qigong developed by Professor Lin Houshen and He Weiqi at the Shanghi Hospital in 1979.