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  • Center for Spiritual Living, Redding 1905 Hartnell Avenue Redding, CA, 96002 United States (map)

An Intimate, Personal Documentary Film by Cathy Zheutlin
Saturday, June 22, 2019
7:00 PM, in the Sanctuary
Suggested $10 Donation

Everything You Wanted to Know About Conscious Dying and Were Afraid to Ask

As a baby boomer, Cathy became curious about death, and decided to pick up her camera and film four friends with terminal illnesses who chose to live out their days in hospice-care at home. Along the way, she sought the advice of an aboriginal elder and a deathwalker in Australia, witnessed a mass cremation in Bali, and asked her 90-year old mother to sit in a coffin while they discussed her end-of-life wishes. Are we, without noticing, reinventing death? Don, Cathy’s tango partner, said “Cathy, dying doesn’t have to be sad,” and then took medication from Oregon Death with Dignity.  She bounces between fears, awareness and denial.  Yet death is ever-present.  Though random, it’s certain: soon her parents will die.  She doesn’t want to lose them. Death will take them differently.  Her dad, 90, a medical doctor, will use every medical means within reason to stay alive (she thinks…she doesn’t know because he doesn't like to talk about it), while her mom, also 90, is so comfortable she discusses death as if planning a picnic. How do we prepare? Is it possible to die well? Download the flyer.